What Others Are Saying...

The first review for "Lately" is in! Amy Warr with SolitudeAndSong says:
"Listening to Alice Summers’ folksy and worshipful Lately feels a bit like coming home."
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Here's what Charles Johnston has to say on Second Iron:
"[The] final track is just as great as the first and makes the listener put the album on repeat."
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And here's what Stonewall Monroe has to say on his blog:
"It's a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and sits in the Country/Christian genre with ease. The tunes fit comfortably in either genre, though, to be honest. Summers' voice has a Carrie Underwood-esque quality. The tunes are catchy and positive, while still realistically dealing with difficulty of life."
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About Me

You probably already know this since you're here, but I'm a Christian singer-songwriter with country leanings and I believe in a vulnerable honesty that is hard to find in the music industry. I released my debut album, "Lately" in September 2014 and am so excited to share it with you!

I grew up in the small town of Anguilla, MS and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing in the choir or playing handbells, or some other musical offering. My first church solo was at the Church of God in Rolling Fork, Mississippi at about 7 years old. I definitely got my passion and talent for music from my dad’s side. His mom was a piano teacher, and one of my favorite memories from childhood is spending time with my dad as he played piano and we sang hymns & Christmas carols. When we moved to Alabama in high school, I was exposed to a lot more Contemporary Christian music and modern worship, and I grew deeper in my relationship with Him thanks to an awesome youth group at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. 

Meanwhile, as far back as I can remember, I also had this deep-rooted insecurity that I wasn’t good enough. Not musically, but also I always felt that I could never be taken seriously in music because I didn’t feel like I'm skinny enough or pretty enough. Even though I felt like I should be doing music, and had lots of encouragement, when I attended Belmont University I decided on music education because it was “more practical.” You see, I believed that lie that the enemy sold me for a really long time.  I did pick up guitar during my freshman year of college when my mom gave me one for Christmas, and I taught myself to play mostly via YouTube tutorials. I wrote my first song, “This Is Not My World” that year, and once I started playing guitar it really opened up the floodgates of my songwriting. I also learned praise & worship songs, but I still felt like just a vocalist so I didn’t share that with anyone.
Deep down, I knew I wasn’t called to go get a job as a music teacher. So after graduation, I struggled for a couple of years figuring out what to do since the “magic record deal” didn’t fall in my lap, either – of course I wasn’t really sharing *my* music with anyone. I led worship as a vocalist, and God was in that, but I was holding out on sharing the fullness of my gift because I was afraid. Well, God orchestrated a series of events that resulted in a request from Westwind Community Church of Faith in Nashville for me to come and lead them in worship (with my guitar!) on a regular basis. Honestly, I wasn’t very good because I hadn’t done this in front of people at all, but they were so gracious. With God’s help, I pushed through. All the while, insecurity had a strong hold on me and there were Sunday mornings when I was in tears about personal fears before worship, but the Holy Spirit used my weakness to show Himself strong. Looking back, I’m sure I was probably clinically depressed for at least a few years in there. But one day, rather suddenly, it’s like the blinders fell off and I could see that the voices in my head were lying and I needed to meditate on the Truth of God’s Word to replace the lies.
So when I say “The Lie” is my testimony and theme song, that's what I'm talking about. It's important to recognize when you are believing a lie, and to fill your mind and mouth with Truth. I want every person to hear and believe the Truth that God only makes good things; that you are beautiful and loved and in Christ you are worthy. I want to tell people, you are not alone! Maybe I’ve been everywhere you’ve been or maybe I haven’t, but I know someone who has and I have seen God redeem it. Nothing you could ever do, no weakness or struggle is too big or too bad for God to love and to rescue. I long to help the church see that it’s time to speak life and blessing in the name of Jesus. There are enough voices in this world telling people what’s wrong. I long to be a beacon for hope and truth.

There are a lot of new things coming up for me, and I hope I can share them with you. Please join my mailing list so I can keep you updated, and come connect with me on social media. Thanks again for reading!