By Night When Others Soundly Slept 

Today's reading from the SRT: Lent book is about repentance but there is also this beautiful poem that resonates with me. Hope it speaks to you, despite the "old English" language. 

By Night When Others Soundly Slept
Anne Bradstreet, circa…Read more

Behind The Noise : a song of conviction

I don't know about you, but if I leave my phone at home by mistake and have to do without it for half the day, I start to have withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes when my husband and I have lunch together…Read more

The Truth Is Enough

The basic motivation for writing “The Truth Is” was the fact that I had a song called “The Lie” and so I wanted a song about the Truth. I wrote a couple of other songs (here’s one) that…Read more

Rock Of Ages - Simple treatment for a great hymn

This is such a beautiful hymn. It was written by Augustus Toplady in 1766, and is part of the public domain. I've often heard it interpreted as an upbeat, almost sing-song hymn; but wanted to really highlight the melody and…Read more